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IN Jewelry/ Fashion Jewelry offers you a broad choice of diamonds and jewelry of a very interesting price/ quality scale. Our stores are situated in the heart of Antwerp, directly at the source of the diamond industry. That is why we are able to produce of the right selection for high quality at the very attractive price. Our location also makes it possible to deliver your demands very quickly.

IN Jewelry/ Fashion Jewelry will immediately please you because of our professionalism. We already have twenty-five years of experience in the manufacturing of handmade jewelry and we set the diamonds with the greatest precision.

Our team will happily explain you how to make the best choice matching your taste. We try to grant all your personal wishes and we can show you how the jewelry will look using computer simulations. You are also welcome in our stores to sell old jewelry or have it valued (for free!). Furthermore, our personnel can make adjustments or repairs, for they are qualified craftsman who comprehend their business like no other.

IN jewelry/ Fashion Jewelry enjoys an outstanding reputation and receives the confidence of many international clients. Come and see for yourself and be dazed by the magnificent beauty of our diamond collection and our exquisite 18-carat gold and platinum jewelry.